README for mlmmj-webarchiver

This piece of code isn't finished yet nor complete. If you need
some feature, just add it and provide patches. You can try to
request it (you may also give example code and stuff if you want!)
- also you may clean up the code ;)


But anyway, this is how it works (for now):

The config directory must be copied to /etc/
You have to change all settings to fit your needs, nothing is checked
by now, so take care! (normally nothing should break, you may just
get some... 'different' results at all ;)

To use this script, you have to set the following control files:

control/webarchive = emtpy/path
    emtpy file means that the archive should be created in the default
    webarchive directory
    file with path defines the path to put the archive in.

control/webarchiveprotected = file
  (this is just a normal htpasswd file created by htaccess. If it exists,
   the archive will be protected by htaccess - so check if your server
   allows the usage of .htaccess files!)

I suggest to run mlmmj-webarchiver by cron.d every 10 minutes.

So create /etc/cron.d/mlmmj-webarchiver with the following content:
    */10 * * * * root /usr/bin/mlmmj-webarchiver.sh 2>/dev/null


You need the following binaries installed:
- mhonarc
- perl (for getting the file creation times)
- cat
- mkdir

Most of them should be avaiable on every linux (and maybe bsd) box...

If you have any problems, feel free to give a shout and report bugs!


Andreas Schneider <asn@cryptomilk.org>